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are getting prepared. what e giants - cardinals match upl omy. playoff fever grips the bay area, and businesses are getting prepared. what the giants-cardinals match- up will mean to the local economy. >> cleanup begins in the aftermath of a devastating fire at a popular bay area restaurant. why a former tenant of the building says he's not surprised about what happened. excitement is building. the giants open up their series tomorrow, but the pennant chase has local businesses hoping for a business boost.
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>> business was great in the dugout sports store. fans were snapling up gear. >> it will be good for pedros and pete's, and probably for public house. >> reporter: good, too, for the popular paradigm bar a block away. >> it was chaos for most of the time, but it was fun, you know.
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lots of people excited, and everyone, you know, piling out on the streets. >> now paragon is gearing up for a repeat, and trying to make room for as many as they can fit in. >> people have been calling in all day. that's what we're doing differently this time. we're doing all walk-in basics, so first come first several for the tables. we've opened up two additional rooms. a room in the back. >> locals have seen businesses gearing up in just the past couple of days. >> i've seen a lot of people go up and down second street, which is where i work, and they are out there, they are behind the giant. >> and you're in here buying giants gear. >> yes, i am. >> it's doing great things for san francisco. you can see in the store here, and just out and about, and for these guys to do what they did in cincinnati and bring it home, they have hopefully a good seven games ahead of them. hopefully not seven. >> reporter: seven games would
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be torture for giants fans, but terrific for business. >> and here is a look at the giants schedule against the st. louis cardinals in the best of seven series. the giants have home field advantage. the first game is tomorrow at at&t park at 5:00. game 2 is also at 5:00 on monday, and then its off to st. louis for three games, and then if needed, back to san francisco for the last two. kim will have more on tomorrow's game in just a few minutes. space shuttle endeavour's travel through los angeles streets has slowed from a crawl to a dead stop. it's now six hours behind schedule on its route to its final home. this is a live look at its stop in its tracks. problems include small issues with the transporter that needed fixing, and crowds that are growing larger and getting in the way. we look at the intricate maneuvering to get it to its final resting place. >> feel like a kid in a candy
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store. >> i want to see it going down the middle of the city street in los angeles. >> reporter: as soon as the shuttle endeavour appeared along neighborhood streets, the excitement erupted. >> it's really awesome, and i'm kind of, like, oh my god! >> right there! the wing is so close, the authorities were actually pushing back onlookers who were trying to reach out and touch it. >> reporter: you can see balconies filled with people reaching out. but while the closest may be thrilling for these onlookers, it also presented challenges. the shuttles wing got stuck behind this tree and needed to do a reverse maneuver to go around it. minutes before the shuttles arrival, street signs were moved, trees were clipped, and peer lines repositioned, but with inches to compare, the shuttle managed to squeeze on by. >> oh, that's wonderful!
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missedmiss the pole by an inch. >> reporter: this is the last out of this world story this shuttle will ever tell. >> here is a prime example of just how tight the move is. look carefully at this photo. that's the underside of endeavour's wing, and you can see the end of the wing is just inches from that tree. well, crews continue to clean up from a four alarm fire that destroyed a popular restaurant and damaged several adjoining businesses on west portal avenue yesterday morning. a wine shop was also heavily damaged. a former tenant of the building wasn't surprised by the destruction. >> it's an old building. it was an old building already. the place was falling apart in the back already in i think about -- in, i think, about
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1980. >> two suffered minor injuries. investigators are say the fire does not appear to be suspicious, but the cause is still unknown. >> both republicans and democrats went door-to-door in berkeley talking to voters are about an arain of measures on the california ballot. >> this election is very important. >> reporter: en that's then one thing we can agree on. the rest of it, not so much. that's why the california democratic party set up a day of action today to go door-to- door to educate voters on the issues. >> you go out there, they say, oh, this is important, and i think it's really effective. >> reporter: the republicans are employ employing the same strategy. >> it's a matter of seeing what's on tv, and in the mail, and then that direct contact brings it all home. >> reporter: we spoke with a
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lot of people out are on the street who have not yet made up their minds. >> there's a lot more investigating to do. >> i'm still reading some of the propositions. >> reporter: but most people we spoke with don't. >> i think it's actually really rude, and bad when people are trying to sway us. it's a really personal opinion, and i think everyone is entitled to that. >> i feel like i'm intelligent enough and that i can make up my own mind. >> reporter: still door-to- door campaigning won't end anytime soon. >> in the final analysis, it does improve turnout, and so for now we're stuck with this system, we'll see what the future holds. >> both president obama and mitt romney spent the day rallying voters in key battleground states. they are making a late push as they each prepare for a critical debate this tuesday. >> reporter: paul ryan tailgated with football fans in
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ohio, while milt romney rallied supporters. the republican team fanned out across the key battle ground state saturday. >> we need ohio! if we get ohio, we're going to able to take back america! >> reporter: no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. he told a crowd he sees the enthusiasm going. >> i'm going to help save the american families and get good jobs for every americans. >> reporter: voters say the economy is number one issue in this election. >> i bit on the american workers and ingenuity, and three years later, that is paying off in a big way. >> reporter: he argues that his job to help the auto industry saved jobs about. >> it to our auto industry has created nearly a quart ore of million new jobs right here in america. >> reporter: the president arrived in virginia saturday as his campaign announced a fund- raising milestone. they say 4 million people have
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donated money for president obama's re-election bid. he will spend the next few days at a resort in williamsburg planning for the second of three debates. the first debate gave mitt romney a boost. president obama has promised to be more aggressive in the debate on tuesday night. >> you can watch the debate right here on cw5. denver pol e looking at surveillance video -- af president it will be conducted in a town hall format. denver police are looking at surveillance video after a shot was fired at president obama 0's campaign office friday afternoon. it shattered a window. there were people inside, but no one was hurt. investigators say they are not aware of any threats made against the office. >> silicon valley is known throughout the world as a hot bed for innovation, and also supposed to be one of the few local places where the employment boom was back.
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john blackstone shows us even tech industry veterans are finding work tough to come by. >> the new iphone 5 -- >> reporter: with each new product, even groundbreaking innovation, high tech is an employment magnet. >> there is a hiring boom in silicon valley. >> reporter: chris helps high- tech workers find jobs. the tougher part is keeping those jobs. >> occupations are created and destroyed here faster than anywhere else, just like new technologies are created and destroyed faster here and replaced, and become obsolete faster than anywhere else. >> reporter: so with every new round of hiring, there are also layoffs by the thousands. the unemployment rate in the silicon valley area is 8.5%, higher than the national average. >> life is not as great in silicon valley as we would like to think. >> tom has been down sized four times. >> we are surrounded here by overachievers and innovators,
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and people doing great, great work, and oftentimes, it is tough to have to explain that you're in a position where you're still searching. >> reporter: he's been out of work for 10 months, an eternity in silicon valley. >> the longer you are unemployed, the less desirable you become. things are changing so quickly. if you haven't been doing it for six months or more, you're already obsolete. >> reporter: in job interviews, the 25 years of experience are often brushed off. >> you're over qualified for this particular role that we're trying to fill. >> no employer is ever going to admit that they're looking for a younger worker. they'll say that they're looking for a fresh perspective. >> reporter: and that is leaving many veterans of the valley feeling old before their time. >> i'm not ready to retire. absolutely not ready to require. >> reporter: tom is proud of the trophy he got at sun microsystems, but his best of the best award is not good
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enough to guarantee work in silicon valley today. i've never done this before. >> a reporter goes over a wall in las vegas for a good cause. there sue bank that will give you money to save for school. the unique program in the bay area that will offer a 3 to 1 match. additional warming is taking place tomorrow. i'll pinpoint the day topping off in the 90s as eyewitness news conditions right liar on the cw. ,,,,
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series of arsons in san jos. san jose. the string of suspicious fi, like this one earlier this , began in september. tonight, investigators staking out te area say they caught a 56-yr old woman in the act of setg a large garbage can on fire. tonight's fire was the 11thn 18 days -- all along delna r lane. some special people in the y area -- inspire others to go "over the edge". cbs 5 re goodrich well, some special people in the bay area inspire others to go over the edge. julia good rich participated in a fund-raiser 51 floors up, hanging out, litterally, in las vegas. >> perfect. >> reporter: yes, i am. >> going over the edge. >> reporter: it's called over the edge for a reason. >> i've never done this before.
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>> reporter: two ropes, one harness, gloves, helmet, and a willing repeller, that's me. >> i just want to kind of stay like this. but now what do i need to do? >> reporter: raise $1 now and get hooked on to -- $1,000 and get hooked on to a rope and allowed to step over the edge, raising money for special olympic athletes, to keep their sports programs going if the bay area. what do you think of this event today? >> it's great! i love it! >> reporter: in the hardest part for me, leaning back and letting go. >> i'm going past someone's room right now. do they know? >> the athletes watched as i repelled down 51 floors, 350 feet down. some athletes have done this. >> i was nervous. >> reporter: they say it's simple, squeeze the lever, and down you go. >> okay. i can see myself. >> reporter: i tried to get my mind off looking down by
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looking in hotel windows, but that didn't help, because there was my reflection. it was terrifying, and gratifying. because when i finally touched down, the accomplishment -- >> oh, wow! a relief to be on the ground! >> reporter: and seeing those athletes made it so worthwhile. >> thank you so much! this is for the athletes! yea! >> reporter: in las vegas, just hanging out, julia good rich. i applaud those athletes and julia and you, but i won't, up there. >> well, we would do not it for anyone but special olympics. they actually had some thunderstorms in the area. here locally, we can v cleared
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out with a cutoff low. we're looking out towards treasure island with the music festival that has been taking place all day long. we could evenly hear the music way over here on the other side of the bay if san francisco, because music is in the air. it will bottom out tonight upper 40s to the low 50s. this is going to stay to the north of us, as high pressure reestablishes its position over the western states. seasonal tomorrow with additional warming, which means as the 49ers kick off at 1:25 tomorrow against the champs, the new york giants, 66 degrees
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under sunny skies. meanwhile, you're forecast numbers are going up. this is the beginning of a warming trend. we're talking nearly 70 at the pumpkin festival in half moon bay. numbers back in the 80s east of the bay, 80 for print wood. we do have danville and blackhawk at 83. a pair of 7s through terralinda, and low 70 nhl san francisco, which is spot on for this time of the year. check this out. just a couple of degrees warmer on monday, but by tuesday, we'll all feel the difference, and then we start leading you into wednesday and thursday with the warming trend, the air quality deteriorates to areas in our area. we have afternoon baseball.
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you thought i forgot. bumgarner on the mound for the good guys. can't go wrong for football or baseball. you have to love this time of the year. >> we have everything. feels like summer again, though, feels like 90s. well, imagine a bank that givens you money to save for school. yes, there is such a savings account. >> reporter: hire daughter is the one in school, but dmitra williams is getting an education too and saving for a future. several years ago, she opened up a triple boost account. a savings program for low- income families. every dollar parents got, up to $500, is matched 3 to 1. the only catch, all of the money must be used for their child's education expenses. >> we pray for a private tutor. at that time, i was working
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making maybe $12 an hour. the tutors that we needed were about 40 bucks an hour. >> reporter: earn is the san francisco nonprofit that offers triple boost. >> this is a pattern of savings that conditions over our lifetime. >> reporter: to qualify, must have one child between the ages of 10 and 18, live in one of the nine bea area counties or large, and earn 50% or less of the median income of the county they live in. >> it sort of leveled the playing grand for her. >> reporter: in addition to tutoring, they can use the money for field trips and the advertise, and books. families agree to use the money only for educational expenses. >> it's a trust by verify system. >> reporter: a system that is still paying off for she and her daughter, who is now a sophomore at a top rated college. >> she's doing very well. i'm really proud. >> the matches come from individual donors, foundations,
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and nonprofits. funds are held in sdic insured accounts at citi bank. there's a five-minute quiz to see if your family qualified. for a link, head to consumer watch. >> we'll be right back.
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he was taken to a hospital n biloxi, mississippi late lat night, where doctors say hed gavey collins has died. he was taken to a hospital in biloxi, mississippi, late last night, where doctors say he died of natural causes. he appeared in several movies during the 60s and 70 polyurethane. during the 80s, he hosted the miss america pageant, and was host of a daily tv show. gary collins was 74. a fast-food company is recalling dog treats because they can make both pets and humans sick. nature's recipe is recalling a limited supply of oven baked biscuits with real chicken. they were manufactured at a kansas plant and distributed naturally. they could be contaminated with
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salmonella. the possible contamination can pose a risk to dogs and people touching the treat,, but so far no reports of dogs or people getting sick. >> more late heroics from the yankees in game one of the alcs next.
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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washington state...christia, start the clock... alcs game one... tigers holg onto a 4-2 lead in the 9th n raul ibanez...another big he run, this time off of jose valverde...that ties the ga. they go to extra innings ine 12th, the tigers break through...delmon young withe shot to the gap, nick swishr
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can't get in front of the yankees go to extra innings today. initial swisher can't get in front of this one, and miguel cabrera comes in to score, and despite the valverde meltdown, the tigers take game one 6-4. tomorrow madison bumgarner takes the ball for game one against the cardinals. bruce bochy said that tim lincecum will be in the pen for games one and two. and stanford loses 20-13 today. a rough day for san jose state, as the defense gave up over 400 yards to utah state. san jose state falls to 4-2. they lose 49-27. going back to the yankees for a minute, joe girardi is saying that derek jeter has suffered a season-ending ankle injury. >> that is stunning, because
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the play-off games have not disappointed. >> no. >> it's amazing. >> all right. that's it for eye witness news at 10:00. one more look at the shuttle inching its way toward the museum in los angeles. good night. ,,
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